Kotkanpesä in a small six person hut warmed by wood stove. At Kotkanpesä there is no electricity. It is in the West - Northern part of Kirkkonummi at Evitskog village by a small lake called Munkträsk. We have a one hectare plot there.

Make first reservation.
And then payment

Equipments in the hut:

  • Gas stove for cooking

  • Outdoor kitchen with gas burner

  • Gas cold box and fridge. Use the escii only outside..

  • Cutlery and pots and pans for ten persons.

  • Mattresses and pillows for 6 persons.

  • First aid kit, lanterns and fuel, wood, axes, saw, snow shovel.

On the plot:

  • A well is not on the plot. We have permission to use our neighbors well. It is on the north end of the lake. The address is Munkträskintie 54 and it is about 15 meters from the crossing of Munktraskintie and Munkträskinkuja. on the left side of the road.

  • Outdoor kitchen for washing the dishes and cooking.

  • Flag pole, the Finnish flag is in the hut.

  • Open the fireplace. Use it only when it is not forbidden by the authorities.

  • Outdoor latrine, more toilet paper is in the hut.

  • Wood shed. Please chop some more wood before leaving.

  • Bio waste container is behind the woodshed.

  • You can also pitch tents on the plot.

  • You can swim in Munkträsk. Do not jump into the water from the pier!


  • Butane gas, wood, and fuel for the lanterns are included in the rental

  • Parking space is for 5-7 vehicles.

  • Unfortunately we don't have a sauna.

  • All the garbage has to be sorted and transported away from the plot. Only bio waste can be put in the bio waste container.

  • There are more instructions in the hut.

  • You get instruction for the key near your trip. Keys to shed, latrine, gas and other locks are in the hut.

  • Be very careful with the fire.

  • It is strictly forbidden to take wood from the woods at the plot and around the plot.

The plot:

Our plot is on the north-west corner of the Meiko-Korsolampi area. There are excellent conditions to hike, pick mushrooms or do small day trips. Notice that in the autumn the surrounding area is a hunting area for deers and moose. Hunting season starts in the beginning of October.

Unfortunately on weekends there is no bus connection to the plot. Kotkanpesä is 36 km from Olari.


Munkträskinpolku 61, 02550 EVITSKOG.

Our address is not yet in search apps, but it is tagged in the Google Map.

Driving instructions from the road 1130:

Turn to Östermalmintie and drive to the crossing of Munkträskintie and turn left by the letter boxes. There is a sign "Kotkanpesä". Follow the signs. Drive Munkträskintie until it turns to the right. Don't turne. Drive forward to Munkträskinkuja. Don't turn left after 50 m but drive forward and follow the last sign. After 300 m you see a lake on your right. Pass two saunas and on the small hill on your right is Kotkanpesä. There is a sign at the parking place.

How to rent Kotkanpesä?

  1. Make a reservation from here.

  2. Then pay the ren at our web shop: Verkkokauppa.
    Price lista:

  • A day at week 50€

  • A night at week Mo - Thu 60€

  • Short weekend Sat-Sun 80€

  • Long weekend Fri-Sun 100€

  1. After the payment you get confirmation. In the webshop choose the delivery of the purchase: "Nouto". You can pay through your bank or credit card. Unfortunately the web shop is only in Finnish.

If you want to rent the hut for a longer period, please call Timo Muttonen, 0400514378.