Newsletter 2/2022


Excellent spring and hopefully a sunny summer for everyone.

The spring season is coming to an end and we are recovering from a “malfunction” caused by Corona. Execution was quite good but of course we could have done it better. The meetings rolled out pretty well and hopefully in the fall we are on a normal rhythm.

At the end of the season there is still an excursion to Aurora Park for the whole family and in the beginning of June its own summer camp. More information on these can be found here on the website or from the team leaders.

Amount of scouts in our troop has already grown to over 120 and that is a great thing. The growth has been moderate and it facilitates the management and education of the flagship.

A few things have happened in the background. Among other things, the composition of the board can be found on this site. The spring meeting was held in early March and confirmed the troops accounts and operations there. Last year was very good.

The goals for this year are to get an agreement with the city on a new meeting place, to slightly renew weekly operations, and to continue investing in global education and moderate growth.

More information about the start days of autumn will be available for parents and here on the site before Midsummer. We have groups for all ages, so new scouts of all ages can join. Scouting also needs younger and older adults all the time. If you are interested, please contact me. We also have a family scouting for 4-6 year olds along with the parents and an adult group for those who want to join as an adult or even start the patrol again.

Have a nice summer and stay healthy!

-Mudi, troop leader

"OEK-WE is an open and international community that regenerates actively and open-mindedly."