Newsletter 3/2022



The autumn season is about to begin and the weekly activities will start in the beginning of September. The new meeting times and places have been announced in a separate message, but they can also be found on our website. The summer passed while we were still recovering from the coronavirus, and we sincerely hope that we will get through this season safely. We primarily invest in weekly meetings, so that we can catch up in the youth programme on what was not done during the corona. The meetings will be held by age group on the same days. We start and close the meetings together, but the actual meeting is each group's own time.

Variants of corona circulate quite randomly, and we can find ourselves in a situation where one of the scout leaders of the group is sick. In order for the meetings to be held, we ask for your help for a couple of hours. The actual program and activities have been planned, but a dozen or so children need more than one adult to guide them. Therefore, if the corona situation worsens, we will turn to you and ask for help in holding a meeting for one evening.

All the Autumn events can be found on our website and there is always a registration link of the event to the Kuksa membership. We hope that the registration deadlines will hold, so that we can properly resource the events and excursions.

If your child's friend wants to join the troop, you should inquire about the possibility by sending an email to At the end of autumn, it's time for the membership fee again. If you have financial challenges to pay, the member register in Kuksa can directly apply for a payment exemption. For event and excursion fees, please contact the troop leader.

Then a few more words about camps and events. The first thing that comes to mind is the gear. According to our attention, there are continuous shortcomings, especially in rain gear. We have been children and young people ourselves. Rain pants or a jacket are not the coolest clothes and rubber boots are boring. One of the success factors of the trip is staying dry and warm. We hope that during the fall, when you are packing with your child or supervising the packing, you will go through the equipment packed according to the list and assess whether the equipment is rainproof and warm enough. Waterproof clothing and shoes should be tested before the event to make sure there are no holes or cracks in the membrane.

Another emerging issue is cell phones and smart watches. We understand that communication is important. At all of our events, there are trained scout leaders and trained adults who are available if the situation requires it.

I've been homesick myself. We had the means to deal with it then, and we still have our own means today. The threshold for calling is low, and when a child calls or a child gets a call, the game is often lost. One of our educational goals is to create a safe environment where the child's independence, courage and self-esteem grow and she/he becomes a responsible person. Our operations become very difficult in educational situations where some of the children communicate at home, with friends or play. This disrupts the dynamics of the event. We discussed this topic in the troop board and concluded that the weekly activities are short enough that the phone or smart watch that the family hands over to the child does not mess up or interfere with the running of the meeting. We advise you to keep the devices on silent or closed during the meeting. The leader can be connected if necessary. We know schools work the same way. If the program includes an exercise or a game with the phone, we will tell you about it in advance. On the trips or camps, we hope that all devices are left at home. This applies to phones and smart watches. And again, the same thing, if smart devices are needed in the program, they are taken along, but at other times they are kept switched off in the possession of the scout leaders. The phone and smartwatch are starting to be a human right, but if its use disturbs the events and camps, then restrictions must be created. I hope you understand our position and respect our goals of having fun meetings and memorable camps.

-Mudi, troop leader

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