Corona guidelines 21.3.2022


In OEK - WE we can organize weekly activities and events for scouts of all ages, both outdoors and indoors, as long as it is done with health safety guidelines in mind. The risk of infection outdoors is lower, so we encourage you to hold meetings outdoors whenever possible. Participating in all activities, one has to be completely healthy.

We have a recommendation for a face mask. We encourage everyone over the age of 12 to wear a mask indoors. It is also good to use the mask in outdoor meetings if it is not possible to maintain distances and the program allows. The meeting should be organized in such a way that participants should be able to avoid physical contact with other participants, both indoors and outdoors, if they so wish.

Help the scouts take care of good hand hygiene. Guide to cough and sneeze properly and keep a safe distance from other participants as needed. Ensure that the premises and surfaces are cleaned regularly and thoroughly.

In addition to weekly activities, camps and events can be arranged. Keep a close record of those involved. Make always a Kuksa - link of camps and events, registration tells us the participants.

If any participant is diagnosed with a corona infection, we encourage you to inform participants of any exposure (remember privacy). The program leader Susanna must be informed of each corona infection.